Develop innovative materials for artists & adult educators

A transferable Capacity Building Methodology, including online, blended, and collaborative learning approaches, and a Handbook of good practices based on a more in-depth analysis of the specific learning needs of the target groups and audience preferences. These are valuable materials for educators working with the target groups.


Promote artists' entrepreneurship & employabilty

A mentoring scheme to provide continuous support to the beneficiaries, along with direct capacity-building activities, in order to develop the artists’ competencies. Simultaneously, an inclusive virtual space for them to present and promote their work, thereby increasing their access to the labour market.

Provide flexible, upskilling opportunities

A stand-alone open access online course, along with support materials on artists’ digital skills, as a flexible upskilling opportunity for both direct beneficiaries and adult/non-formal educators.


Foster Intercultural dialogue & social inclusion

Through the wide uptake of outreach and awareness-raising activities, the project promotes the works of an international pool of artists and educators and creates a platform for fruitful interactions and exchange of knowledge and practices on the topics, ultimately fostering social inclusion and cohesion.